What you need to know to build the perfect team.

Parkinson’s law


Parkinson’s law explains this.

“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

If the entire team you set up is very successful in empathy, things will never work out, everyone is worried about someone’s problems and you see your office turn into a series of The Office.

I’m kidding, of course, but you have to have a balance, you can’t make an objective comment about the person you love and you can ignore their mistakes or even approve of the wrong things.

This will cost you extra money and overtime.

Love is blind and your venture that went perfectly for you may fail unexpectedly.

Always get outside opinions and don’t get upset when they criticize you.

(It would be wiser to go home and cry secretly :)

If someone else is doing the work, you should always have a plan B.

Here’s a true story: I assigned someone to prepare some documents prior to an investment interview, I called him because it was taking longer than I expected, of course he didn’t answer, I wrote many messages, guess what, of course he didn’t answer any of them.

When I set out to meet with the investor, he replied to one of my messages.

If you think that something important may have happened, you have very good intentions, he could not answer because he was playing a football match with his friends.

I had already started preparing the documents I needed myself, I never worked with that man again.

I mean working with people can be very different from working with computers, you should always have alternative plans.

Waking up before the sun to go to work, often falling asleep in the office, forgetting to eat, if you have a new startup, these are not unusual things for you.

But wait until you see people asking $30,000 for a week of software work.

Remember, no one is indispensable, they all have an alternative, just as there are those who do the same job for 1000 dollars.

Are you one of those who think that you will start with inexperienced people and eventually become a company where professionals send their CVs?

Believe me, things don’t work that way.

Here is an example, an entrepreneur planning to build and sell bungalows took his project to the best architects in the country and, as expected, they all rejected it.

Except one.

One of the architects liked the project very much and they came to an agreement together. So what happened next? Rejecting the project, the architects competed with each other to take part in the country’s most profitable real estate venture.

Do not be afraid to invite the best to your team, at worst your offer will be rejected.

It’s not possible, you can’t deny that people have different priorities and values.

You cannot all be motivated at the same time.

In such cases, you should apply the majority opinion and show understanding to those who have different views. In this way, you will not upset anyone and your work will not be interrupted.

Finally, great things can only be achieved by building a great team, I hope you can do it.



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